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Business Tradelines
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Business Tradelines - Experian


With over 12 years of experience in the credit industry, we have built and cultivated a proven small business financing model. Centered on the expertise and creativity of our people, our model is more than just a formula. It is a philosophy that each business has unique needs which require a unique approach....

We offer primary business tradeline packages that report to the three major business credit bureaus; Experian, Equifax & Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE). Adding business tradelines is like adding authorized user tradelines except that they are attached to a business credit file.

Business tradelines offer many benefits that personal tradelines do not, for example:

• Business Tradelines are aged back to the date your business corporation or LLC was created.

• Business Tradelines post as Primary Tradelines.

• Business Tradelines never close, fall off or disappear.

• Business Tradeline packages add a nice blend to your credit file and allow you to qualify for various business funding programs and/ or business lines of credit.

• Process of attaching tradelines takes roughly 60 days and once completed we will provide a copy of the credit report for each bureau showing that the business tradeline posted.

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